Sarah phoned us on behalf of her dad Robert. He had a Level 4 package but didn’t like his support worker and that this was his third one he didn’t like in a period of three months!  She was hoping by changing Providers that she may be able to get someone her dad liked but admitted he was a tough customer.

We discussed our approach at Better Living with Sarah, which is to meet the client first and get to know them personally. This puts us in a position to be able to confidently match a client with a support worker with a complimentary personality and the required skill-sets. After meeting Robert it was quite clear he was very proud and particular about the way things were done in his home.  We sat with him, and then separately with Sarah, to understand what is important to him as well as his communication style.


We found a great personality match for Robert.  Sarah phone us to say thank you and that she is relieved. Her dad is finally happy and so is she.

Key Facts
  • Finding the right Carer fit is essential to a client’s wellbeing.
  • At Better Living Homecare we take the time to understand the needs as well as the personality of our clients to find the right fit.
  • If you’re not satisfied with your current Provider then you can change. Government regulations in 2017 give clients the freedom to change Providers.

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