Meredith told us that her daughter first brought up the idea to her of getting a Home Care Package but she was initially resistant to extra help.  After all, she said, she’d managed just fine for 81 years without it!  After further consideration she decided to look around at what help she could get which is how she came across Better Living Homecare.  She originally called in to figure out if a package could help her with her garden which she said was getting the better of her.


After a lengthy call with our Home Care Specialist Meredith understood how she could benefit from a Home Care Package in more ways then she thought.  It could free up time for her to pursue other interests.  She also said that it would free up her daughter too who, she had to admit, had been helping regularly.  Our team gave her all the information she needed to get an assessment with the ACAT team, which is the first step in being approved for a Home Care Package.  Meredith recently phoned back to say she had been approved for a Level 2 package but that she didn’t have the funding just yet.  We guided her further on what to do while she waits.  She said we’ll be the first to know when she gets her package! We look forward to having Meredith as a client soon.

Key Facts
  • The first step in getting a Home Care Package is an assessment with My Aged Care.
  • The process to approval can seem quite confusing but with the right assistance is easy to navigate.  We are happy to help.
  • Quality of life can be improved significantly with a Home Care Package.

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