When Janet called us she was shopping around for a new Provider.  Top priorities for her were customer service and low fees.  She’d been with her current Provider, in her own words ‘far too long’ and wanted to change sooner but hadn’t been able to do so until Consumer Directed Care regulations came into effect. Janet told us that sometimes when she tried ringing her Provider they didn’t even answer the phone! When she did get through she said she always felt like she was explaining who she was although she’d been a client for years.

The Solution

At Better Living Homecare we pride ourselves on superior customer service so that was easy to solve for Janet.  When we did the fee comparison for her we could guarantee her 17% more care hours from her existing package. Janet’s been with us since March 2017 and has recommended two other clients to us.

Key Facts
  • If you’re not happy with your Provider you can switch! Your package belongs to you and not your Provider.
  • Great customer service is important to make the most of your package. At the very least you need your provider to answer the phone and not use a phone system.
  • Since the new Consumer Directed Care regulations came into effect in February 2017 it pays to shop around. Lower fees equates to more care hours you can receive from you package.

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