Iain found us through a Google search and requested an info kit about Better Living Homecare.  After receiving the information he called in to speak with one of our Home Care Specialists. He had been been assigned a Level 3 package after 8 months on the national waitlist. However he was having trouble deciding which Provider was right for him.  His deadline for uptake was in the near future and he was worried he would lose his package altogether.  On the flip side he found it difficult to see the differences between Providers and was concerned about making the wrong decision.


Our care team took the time to speak with Iain about his situation, what services he was looking for, his concerns, his deadline for package uptake and when he’d like to start care services.  After letting Iain know about our customer service, our 30 years experience, our huge network of carers and that we don’t charge many of the fees that other providers do, he was keen to start.

A meeting was set up with Iain the next day to create his Care Plan.  Within seven days he was receiving his care services and couldn’t be happier.  He commented on how efficient and helpful the team at Better Living Homecare was and that it was likely he would have lost his package if he didn’t speak to us.

Key Facts
  • It can be difficult to understand the differences between Providers.  Our Care Specialists can help you with that.
  • If you have recently been approved for, or assigned, a Home Care Package then it’s a good idea to look for a Provider sooner rather than later. Once you have been assigned funding there is a deadline to finding a Provider. If you don’t find one in time you will lose your package and need to start the process again!
  • It’s important to look at a Provider’s fees, customer service levels and experience before making a decision.

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