Emily phoned us requesting information on behalf of her mum Patricia, who had her Home Care Package with another provider.  Emily had heard about us through a friend wanted to know if her mum could reduce her fees and get more care services by switching.

It was not all bad though.  Her mum really liked her support Carer as it was a positive relationship.  She didn’t want to lose that.  She was also concerned about an exit fee if she switched.


We organised for Patricia to have the same carer continue with no extra fee to the package.  Emily was pleased to find out that by changing to Better Living that her mum’s fees would be reduced which meant more care hours and her mum could keep the Carer she liked.  Also although her mum would need to pay an exit fee to her existing Provider, she would get much more care in the long run by switching to Better Living Homecare.

We set up an in-person meeting for Emily and her mum Patricia to set up a personalized care plan.  The switching of Providers was seamless and Patricia had changed over to Better Living Homecare within two weeks, with her existing support carer.  Emily reports that her mum is really pleased she gets more hours of care per week. She’s also happy with the personalised service when she calls in.

Key Facts
  • With the recent government regulation changes, called Consumer Directed Care, you are not stuck with your current Provider. If you want to change Providers you are free to do so.
  • If you switch to Better Living Homecare in many cases you can keep your existing carer. We understand how important positive carer relationships are on an individual’s wellbeing. Unlike other Providers we don’t charge extra for keeping your carer.
  • Even in the case you must pay an Exit Fee for changing to Better Living Homecare it is often financially beneficial in the long run to switch.

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