A partner provider reached out to us help support their client Ellen.  She was in her early 40s with an acquired brain injury from an accident.  At that time Ellen was living in a residential aged care facility and it was not the right setting for her.  Her physical and mental health had deteriorated since her time there.  The goal was to get her functioning at a level where she could live independently.


After six months of dedicated and collaborative support, Ellen is now successfully living independently in her own home.  Her speech has improved dramatically and she no longer slurs.  Her physical ability has increased significantly to a point where she has independence. She has progressed from being distrustful of having a support team to forming positive relationships with those around her.

 Key Points:
  • Matching the right support worker is critical to a client’s wellbeing.
  • Proactive, multifaceted, collaborative approach is necessary for the best outcomes.
  • Home, in general, is the better setting for a young person with a disability.

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