Spend your Home Care Package funds how you want to.

Low 23% Fee + a Dedicated Care Manager

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We offer a low fixed fee of 23%, guaranteed quality customer service, great care options and we let you spend your funds how you want to. Our super level of service and flexibility is unmatched it the industry. 

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Spend your Home Care Package funds how you want to.

Low 23% Fee + a Dedicated Care Manager

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Here's why you'll Live Better with us

Spend your funds how you want to

Unlike other providers we remember that it's your funding and enable you to spend it how you want to, to best support your independent living. Additionally we have the largest network of care service providers Australia wide to choose from.

Guaranteed Customer Service

Highly responsive, we are dedicated to great customer service which our clients love. We are friendly, welcoming, professional and here when you need us. We guarantee you'll be happy with our service.

Low 23% Fee

With our low rate clients have more funds available for care services than with other Providers. Our clients receive maximum benefit from their Home Care Package when they choose Better Living Homecare.

30 Years Experience

We are a government approved Home Care Package Provider with over 30 years of aged care experience. We can service any area in Australia.

Your Care Manager will return Your Call within 2 Hours. 100% Guaranteed.

Choosing the best Provider for your Home Care Package is by far one of the most important care choices you’ll ever have to make. The quality of carers, your customer experience, the types of services you have access to, what you’re allow to spend your funding on and how much of your package will be used in fees is heavily dependent on which Provider you decide to go with.

Your ability to live independently and your wellbeing rest on making the correct decision.  A crucial part of your choice should be on the level of customer service you receive.  With Better Living you’ll have a dedicated Care Manager to oversee your care services. 

The responsiveness of your Care Manager, and the level of investment they have in your wellbeing, is paramount to the level of care you’ll receive with a Provider.  At Better Living our Care Managers are passionate about working with families and individuals to improve lives. The satisfaction and happiness of our clients is at the heart of everything they do.  They go out of their way to provide outstanding service to their clients and a large part of that is to ensure they respond to their client’s requests in a timely manner. 

During business hours, your dedicated Care Manager will return your call or email within 2 hours of receiving it.  We 100% guarantee it. 

Choose from our network of care workers and care service providers...or Use Your Own.

Access to the carer or care service provider of your choice is key to your wellbeing and being able to live the way you want to. Our wide network of qualified carers and service providers enables us to offer the best options for any home care situation.  Unlike other providers we are happy to use service providers of your choice. 

All carers that work with our clients are friendly, personable, compassionate, respectful and highly motivated to work in their important role. They are also highly qualified. Each holds current first-aid, CPR certificates and police checks. Our care service providers are vetted and quality checked so that you can be rest assured that you have reputable professionals delivering your care services.

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A Great Selection of Care Services to Support any Independent Lifestyle

Your home care requirements are determined by your lifestyle and what matters to you. Perhaps assistance with gardening or meal preparation would make the world of difference. Or perhaps you need help with something else such as assistance with technology to stay in touch with loved ones. You may also decide to use your funds to bring joy into your life with assistance to go and rediscover the things you used to love to do. At Better Living Homecare we can help you to live well and independently at home.

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Personal Assistance
Meal Preparation
Social Support & Outings
Community Involvement
Medication Monitoring
24 hr Care
Clinical Care

7 Provider Fee Traps and How to Not Fall for Them

In this free e-book you’ll discover seven common Provider Fee traps and most importantly, how to avoid them. Fees are highly important to Home Care Package holders. A package is a set level of funding per month which has to be divided between fees and funds available for care services. The more you pay in fees the less you’ll have left for actual care which is what your package was meant for. This e-book is sure to help you recognize and avoid Provider fee traps.

Choose the care management option that best suits you.

A Dedicated Care Manager at 23%

With our full care management service you will have a Dedicated Care Manager overseeing the delivery of support services on a day-to-day basis.

Self- Managed Care Services at 13%

For those clients who are able and want to manage their care services we offer a self-managed option with our sister brand Let’s Get Care  for a flat fee of 13%. This is best suited to individuals who feel confident to hire and schedule their care services and are comfortable around a computer. 

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What our Clients have to Say

Better Living Homecare have been fantastic at guiding us through the process and getting the most care service possible from dad’s package. They took time to understand our situation and offer us different solutions to ensure dad is always well cared for. Their staff members are very personable. I highly recommend them.

Peter SSon of Client

I switched to Better Living Homecare and it’s been such a different experience to what I had with my previous Provider. I now pay less in fees and receive more care! My carer Sue is a godsend. My only regret is that I didn’t switch sooner.

Kate FClient

I used to think that higher fees equaled better care. I was wrong! We have felt listened to and supported by Better Living Homecare. They have been a wonderful help to our family, but most importantly, to mum.

Dorothy GDaughter of Client

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Aura BrooksGraphic Designer

It's Easy to Make the Switch to Us.

We make it seamless for clients to switch to Better Living Homecare. We take over the process for you and coordinate with your previous provider to ensure continuity of care. If you’re interested in keeping your care workers we will do our best to make that happen.