Our philosophy

Better Living Homecare is not your traditional home care company. By using a positive approach, sound knowledge and good communication we strive to make everyday a positive experience for our clients. Our actions are driven by the following beliefs:

We believe everyone deserves to live the best life they can. This means more than merely having their basic needs attended to.

We believe that everyone is entitled to a sense of optimism about the future, anticipation about tomorrow, an enthusiasm of having things to do and goals to work towards.

We believe everyone is an individual with unique needs. No life has been lived like this before and it won’t be lived again.

We believe everyone has the right to remain living in their home and remain connected to their family, friends and local community.

We believe that care should be delivered which understands a person’s life experiences, culture, spirituality and strengths.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

We believe a successful home care company is comprised of skilled individuals who share a passion for using their individual skills to make a difference in the lives of others.

We believe a successful home care company champions innovation in the delivery of its services

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It’s beautiful when career and passion come together

We rise by lifting others

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Helpful Homecare Booklet

This easy to print brochure has been prepared with a view to helping families discuss issues they may be experiencing with their loved ones. It covers identifying when a family member may require assistance to remain at home and the options available. You’ll find tips and advice for family carers and what to look for when engaging professional carers.


A Guide to Reducing the Risk of Falls

As part of our commitment to assist people to live in their own home and thrive, we have prepared this brochure about falls. It outlines the possible causes of falls, a checklist to identify hazards around the home, suggested home modifications and actions to take should you or a loved one have a fall.


Aged Care Brochure

28 years ago a group of like-minded caring individuals decided to offer solutions for people to remain living independently in their homes. Better Living Homecare was born. We at Better Living believe everyone deserves to live the best life they can. As a group we are passionate about working with families and individuals to find solutions to improve lives.


Disability Brochure

Better Living Homecare specialise in providing care and support to individuals with physical, intellectual, sensory and acquired disabilities. We want our clients to feel safe and supported while leading a full life and achieving their individual goals. We understand the importance of matching carers that have the skills, personality and life experience to meet your needs.


Dementia Facts Brochure

Understanding the person with dementia will help you when planning activities for them. This means knowing the person’s former lifestyle, work history, hobbies, recreational and social interests, past travel experience and significant life events.


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