I have a Home Care Package! Now What?

Have you recently been allocated a federally funded Home Care Package? Well first and foremost congratulations. This funding will hopefully change your life for the better by providing financial support to access services to enable you to remain living independently in your home. Best of all – you are now in the driver’s seat when it comes to allocating an Approved Provider to manage your package and choosing the supports that will assist you the most.

If you already had a Home Care Package, you are now free to shop around and find the most suitable Approved Provider to manage your funding. You may find that a different provider charges less in management fees enabling you more funds to spend on your care and services. Some providers do not charge the daily fee which means you can receive services without being out of pocket. Some providers may simply have more time to chat with you and ensure that you are happy and everything is running smoothly. Sound good?

If you want to get the best deal from your Home Care Package read on…

What makes Better Living Homecare a good choice for your Approved Provider?

Better Living Homecare has been an Australian Government Approved Home Care Package Provider since January 2015. In addition to this we have been providing in home care and support to our valued aged and disability clients for the past 30 years. In our experience if people have choice and control over the care they receive they are much happier and more likely to thrive. We believe everyone is an individual with unique circumstances and requirements; our job is to assist in finding the supports that best suit those needs.

Better Living want you to get the most from your funding that is why we have low fixed fees. This enables you to use more of your funds where it is important – on you! Better Living Homecare are able to offer low fixed fees because we have kept our overheads low. There are no big fancy offices or tiers of management, just a dedicated team of professionals with the experience and skills to assist you. Their primary job is to help you to get the most from your Home Care Package.

We believe that you should get to choose who provides the care and services you receive in your home. If you have existing services and supports that you are happy with, they can stay with you and be paid for by your Home Care Package. Alternatively, if you do not like the current services you receive or do not know who can provide the services you want, relax, Better Living Homecare have relationships with a large network of service providers including support workers, gardeners, podiatrists, physiotherapists, and home maintenance providers. We ensure that they are reputable businesses with police checks and all applicable insurances in place. We check their references and keep in touch to ensure the service is running as it should.

If you are yet to be convinced that Better Living Homecare can offer you an outstanding service as Approved Providers to manage your Home Care Package, please see below some information to look out for when looking at other providers:

What should I look out for with Other Providers?

  • Some providers charge low initial fees, but then could add additional charges for Case Management assistance outside your initial set-up and 6 monthly reviews.
  • Another model that some Providers use is to advertise extremely low or zero fees but charge a large set-up fee or membership fee.
  • Being able to contact your dedicated Case Manager if any issues or problems arise should be a painless and easy process. Some providers require you to contact a call centre should you need to speak to a Case Manager.
  • Some providers only allow you to choose who provides your services from a panel of service providers that they have a prior ‘Service Agreement’ with. Others charge an additional fee to set up an agreement with service providers that you may wish to use.
  • Find out the rate per hour you will be charged for carers. This amount can differ greatly and if you are paying a huge amount for care you are getting less value from your package.
  • Some providers charge a set-up fee for all Service Providers you wish to use (carers, podiatrists, physiotherapist, gardeners etc.) and also add a surcharge on top of the services you are paying for.
  • If you choose to change service providers and take your Home Care package elsewhere, your existing provider may charge an exit fee. The amount should be clearly stated on the Home Care Agreement between you and your service provider.

At Better Living Homecare our charges are fixed, with no hidden fees. You are free to use the services of any service provider you wish with no financial penalty to the package. By having a fixed fee you have certainty knowing from week to week how many hours of care you will receive. We strongly believe the Home Care Package should be used to enable the maximum amount of care.

If this sounds good to you, please contact Better Living Homecare for a visit from one of our Case Managers on 1300 30 73 44 or visit the website at www.betterlivinghomecare.com.au

If you do not currently have a Home Care Package, but would like to apply for one, you can do so by contacting My Aged Care on 1800…..or via their website at www.myagedcare.org.au.


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