Client Stories

Below are some examples of how Better Living Homecare has assisted people to remain living independently in their home. The names have been changed to protect their privacy.

When Better Living first connected with Barbara she was in transitional care following a hospital stay and was on the waitlist for a Home Care Package. Barbara had no family and her next of kin was a neighbour. Better Living Homecare were able to offer Barbara a Home Care Package. Now Barbara is back in her home and is visited by a carer once a day to assist with shopping, cleaning and meal preparation. Thanks to her package of care Barbara is now able to live independently in her own home. She attends two social groups in her local community. With the help of carers she has been able to modify the way she uses her cooking appliances to prepare meals. Barbara also receives ongoing support from her Better Living Homecare Case Manager.
Sylvia is living with Alzheimer’s disease. She lives with her son, daughter-in-law and grandson. The family would like Sylvia living with them in a familiar environment for as long as she is able. Unfortunately Sylvia’s Alzheimer’s is advanced so the family are unable to leave Sylvia on her own even for short periods of time. The family now have carers visit 3 times a week to provide Sylvia with personal care, and once a month the family have a carer provide respite for a few hours so that they can undertake an outing as a family. Something they were previously unable to do.
Mick is in a wheelchair and has dialysis appointments 4 times a week. Family and friends were helping with transportation, but on occasion there was nobody to assist. When required Better Living Homecare provide a carer that collects Mick from Dialysis, runs any errands he has, takes him home and helps him to prepare his midday meal. Now much loved family and friends are able to spend quality time with Mick and the pressure is eased.
Kelly is a vibrant young teenager who is living with physical and intellectual disabilities. She is a much loved member of a large family, but requires assistance to access her community and undertake activities with her peers. Better Living Homecare provide a carer to meet Kelly from school and take her to her afternoon activities which include dancing and swimming. This takes the pressure off her parents who both work, and Kelly has gained independence by not having to rely on family to transport her where she wants to go.

If you would like to discuss how Better Living Homecare could assist you please call Better Living Homecare on 1300 30 73 44. 


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Helpful Homecare Booklet

This easy to print brochure has been prepared with a view to helping families discuss issues they may be experiencing with their loved ones. It covers identifying when a family member may require assistance to remain at home and the options available. You’ll find tips and advice for family carers and what to look for when engaging professional carers.


A Guide to Reducing the Risk of Falls

As part of our commitment to assist people to live in their own home and thrive, we have prepared this brochure about falls. It outlines the possible causes of falls, a checklist to identify hazards around the home, suggested home modifications and actions to take should you or a loved one have a fall.


Aged Care Brochure

28 years ago a group of like-minded caring individuals decided to offer solutions for people to remain living independently in their homes. Better Living Homecare was born. We at Better Living believe everyone deserves to live the best life they can. As a group we are passionate about working with families and individuals to find solutions to improve lives.


Disability Brochure

Better Living Homecare specialise in providing care and support to individuals with physical, intellectual, sensory and acquired disabilities. We want our clients to feel safe and supported while leading a full life and achieving their individual goals. We understand the importance of matching carers that have the skills, personality and life experience to meet your needs.


Dementia Facts Brochure

Understanding the person with dementia will help you when planning activities for them. This means knowing the person’s former lifestyle, work history, hobbies, recreational and social interests, past travel experience and significant life events.


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